About Nancy Hicks

Nancy Hicks is a teacher and speaker who inspires women to find their God-given power and ignite a life of passion. As a mother, wife and leader, Nancy Hicks understands the many roles a woman plays and the feeling that there must be more in her and for her. Nancy knows what it’s like to spend blurry days scrubbing floors and doing laundry, and she also knows what it’s like to use her voice as a singer and a former on-air spokesperson for QVC, reaching millions with her platform. In each season, Nancy has learned the power of intimacy with Christ and finding true aliveness from within — and unleashing the power and passion each of us is created for and called to. Are you ready to become who you were meant to be?

What People Are Saying About Nancy

Mary Beth Roe


“Complacent Christianity is all around us… and in us. Nancy takes us on her vulnerable journey to authentically being ‘awake and alive in Christ for life’!"

Danielle Strickland

Author, International Speaker, and Founder of Communications, Inc.

“How do we recover from this mad malady of passive faith? We need a remedy. And there is one —it’s fire. Holy fire comes in a prophetic utterance, a burning bush, a raging cadence of a deep ancient hymn. It’s in the soft voice of a child calling you back to yourself, camel-haired, wild men preaching in deserts, and, it turns out, in Nancy Hicks. A Canadian/American soprano soloist, TV personality, wife and mother, speaker and teacher infused with a God-breathed calling. She’s got a passion to set us all on fire for God!”

Dr.Thelma Wells, D.D.

Founder of A Woman of God Ministries, Author, International Speaker, Professor

“When I first met Nancy Hicks she floored me with her enthusiasm! Her love for God encouraged and inspired me. Our connection drew me closer to her intimacy with the God of the Universe… As she speaks you will want to listen.”